Better Educated Officers

Better educated officers mean better servants in the community.
Earn your Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice through CCC.

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Proud member of the FBI National Academy

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Build on Military Experience

Join our military‐friendly program to complete your
degree in Criminal Justice.

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Service and Spirituality

At CCC we support the individual through the Fit Four Model:
Heart, Mind, Body & Soul.

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About the Program

Earn a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice that is centered in the values of service. Classes are designed and taught by industry leaders with an emphasis on service to the community. Advance your career in law enforcement, public safety, and related fields by earning your degree completely online.

Student Success

Central Christian College provides the support so that students can focus their energies on their studies and not have to waste time and energy on the peripheral issues. Our advisors answer your questions before you even apply to the program. They then guide you through each step of the process all the way to graduation and alumni relations.

Financial Aid Guidance

The red tape of financial aid can be daunting. Our advisors are here to help guide you through the process and to help you create a plan that fits yours needs and requirements. Whether you are a veteran, a working professional, or full time college student, we can help you pursue avenues of financial aid support that are specific to your situation.

Service is your calling and education is ours.

You work for your community and we work for you.
We help you support your community.
Education supports you. You support the community.
You were called to serve. We were called to educate.
You protect. We educate.
Our purpose is to nurture Christian leaders who lead lives of character and service for the betterment of our society and the world.

Take the next step to build your credentials.

Learn how you can serve your community and advance your career. Education equals career advancement.

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Proud Member of the Federal Bureau of Investigations’ National Academic Alliance (FBINAA)

Central Christian is honored to be one of only 16 US colleges and universities to be selected and affiliated with the FBI’s National Academic Alliance.
Accreditations and Alliances

Central Christian College proudly supports law enforcement professionals.

At Central Christian College, we have an institutional history of supporting the training and academic needs of the law enforcement community. Central Christian College delivers in-service, advanced, and specialized training for certified peace officers.

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